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What Makes Us Different

Accumulation - Preservation - Distribution

Like every other financial services provider, the primary focus at JFC Financial Services is helping our clients with the accumulation and preservation of wealth. But we also focus heavily on wealth distribution during your retirement years.

So why is this unique? Because many advisors may focus only on your investment portfolio's performance during the accumulation phase of your financial life... in our experience they're concerned mainly with the rates of return and avoiding losses.

But at JFC Financial Services, while we are focused on your investment growth during the accumulation phase, we realize that it's equally important to prudently manage your assets during the distribution phase (retirement). We strive to make sure that your distributions are made according to your plan and that the withdrawals are made from the most appropriate assets. At the same time, we work to help ensure that the investment principal you worked so hard to accumulate is well protected.

The road to financial independence is smoother when you have a solid plan in place.